The workshop of hagiography ( belongs to the Orthodox Fraternity named, "Christian Hope", located in Filyro of Thessaloniki. The main task of the Fraternity is missionary, charitable and social. Under this project fits the deaconship of hagiography.

Iconography - A Sacred Task  |  Technical Aspects of an Icon-Image  |  Hagiographer’s Prayer

Since 1990 a varied apprenticeship began, in order for us to learn freehand drawing, model, color and composition, in preparation labs of the School of Fine Arts and in monasteries, under the guidance of experienced hagiographers, such as, Mr. S. Sergiadis, Mr. J. Vranos, Mr. L. Christidis. Moreover, the study of traditional Byzantine style was our first priority.

Having completed four years studies at the School of Hagiography of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus, we received our degree, having being taught by hagiographers like: Mr. I. Caruso, Mr. Ch . Liondas, Mr. J Markopoulos, the teacher of Byzantinology Mr. N. Zia, of Architecture – Rythmology, Mr. I. Karatzoglou, and teacher of History & Art, Mr. M. Tsomidis .

A three-year training followed under the supervision of Mr. C. Kordis, aimed at enriching our knowledge on the Byzantine art, in both theory and practice.

Additionally, the workshop participated in a seminar on frescoes, held by the Theological School of Athens University and the department of Conservation of works of Art.

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We have been devoted to our task of hagiography for years now, with a sense of responsibility and faithfulness in the tradition of Byzantine art, aiming at its conservation and transmission to the generations to follow.

Portable icons as well as frescoes made by us are to be found in Orthodox temples in Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Serbia, Germany, USA, Sweden, etc. and in private collections around the world. The largest portable image made in our workshop is a two-sided one, sized 2.25 x 3.40 m, and it is located in a private collection of a temple. 

With respect to tradition and originality in creating, drawing an icon, we primary seek to create a sacred mistagogical atmosphere, being in line with the spirit of the Orthodox Church, so as hagiography be at service of God and for the glory of God.

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 Iconography - A Sacred Task  |  Technical Aspects of an Icon-Image  |  Hagiographer’s Prayer