Hagiographer’s Prayer

"Lord Jesus Christ our God, the indescribable being of Divine nature and for the salvation of man from Your recent inexpressible incarnation from the Virgin and Mother of God Mary, enabling the description of the holy nature of Your immaculate face, God of all, enlighten, imbue the soul, the heart, the intellect of Your servant and his hands direct to the irreproachable and perfect outline, the type of Your manifestation and of Your immaculate Mother and all of Your Saints, to Your glory and cheerfulness and beautification of your holy Church and the forgiveness of sins, of those worshiping them and with piety kiss them, attributing the honour to the prototype. Set him free from all diabolical experience and make him diligent to all Your commandments, through the intercessions of Your Immaculate Mother and of all the Saints. Amen. "


Despota, Lord Jesus Christ, only Son and Word of God, identical icon of the invisible Father, who created us according to Your image, and for our salvation, philanthropically became incarnate of Your Immaculate Mother and our Lady Theotokos, the most beautiful of all sons of man, and the source of all beauty, both visible and invisible, deigned to make us temples of the Holy Spirit, You who sanctified matter through Your divine economy, who gave to Your immaculate bride, the Church the chromaturgical theology (use of colours in divinity), for the remembrance of Your inexplicable condescension the shoring and sanctifying of Your faithful people, prostrating I pray to You and I beg You to grant me the sinner and unworthy servant, the grace of iconographic diaconate, cleanse my heart of all sinful pollution and write untouchably in her Your All Holy Will, strengthen me from every sickness of the will of my mind and enlighten with the power of Your All Holy Spirit, leading my weak and vile hands in God pleasing completion of the illustration of this Your sacred icon (or of the saint......), so that those who worship and kiss it, do so to You, the prototype beauty, lifting their hearts and minds, gracing and sanctifying them completely, and in joy succeed in the likeness and glorify with all Your pleasing Saints from old, You, the Incarnate Son and Word with Your without beginning Father and the worshipful Spirit, of one essence, indivisible and life giving Trinity. Amen.